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Women With Promise's New Look

We’re Spreading Our Wings

This is March Fourth.  Or, as many call it, March Forth.  It’s the day to consider your goals and how to achieve them.  It’s a time to boldly March Forth toward your dreams and highest aspirations.

With Big Aspirations and more work to do, we want to Be Bold.  So today we reveal we are Marching Forth with a new logo, a new color palette and a new look!

But First, A Look Back

Just seven years ago, Women With Promise was formed by a handful of talented and successful businesswomen who wanted to make a difference in their north Texas neighborhoods. So, they made a promise to help women emerging from challenges by empowering them to make their lives better.

Today, Women With Promise has grown into a caring community of professional women who network with a purpose; a diverse group of women who believe in helping other women who’ve encountered challenges and hardship.


Women With Promise grew from a fledgling organization raising money to support our nonprofit partners to developing the Women With Promise Scholarship Fund.  Studies have repeatedly shown the importance of education on health, earning potential and overall success. When a woman is empowered by support and education, the impact is felt for generations.

In its inaugural year, the WWP Scholarship Fund has granted nearly $20,000 in scholarships to six Scholars.  And, we’ve matched our Scholars with professional mentors in their chosen field, so our Scholars never walk this journey alone.

We’ve raised more than a quarter of a million dollars, donated tens of thousands of dollars to area nonprofits, impacting +45,000 women and children each year, and performed more than 3,000 hours from our fully-volunteer Board of Directors.

So Why the Change?

As we reflect on our impact, we realize we can do more.  You see, today is a day for Big Aspirations, and we envision a world where all women can lead lives of promise and success.  We want to continue to partner with other nonprofit organizations when help is needed. We want to provide more scholarships to more women and look forward to the day our first Women With Promise Scholar graduates.

Tell Us About the New Look

With Big Aspirations and more work to do, we want to Be Bold.  We want to honor the women we help, as well as the women in our caring community who give them wings.  And we couldn’t be more proud of our new look at what it represents:

The Butterfly:  Symbolizes both femininity and metamorphosis, and represents endurance, change, hope and life. The butterfly is proof that you can March Forth through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful.  To us, it also symbolizes how education can provide the wings to the dreams that many of our scholars thought they would never have again.

The Circles:  Represent the infinite worth of women and the promise in all of us.

The Color Palette:  Demonstrates the diversity of women in our community, united in a common goal of creating better lives for ourselves and our families.

What’s Not Changing?

With this new look, we stay true to our values and the heart of this organization.  We are women helping women right here in our own neighborhoods. Our reward is seeing the success of our nonprofit partners and the transformation of Women With Promise Scholars.  Being a part of this caring community of #differencemakers, we’ve found the gifts received are far greater than those given.

Won’t you March Forth and join us?  Find out more at

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