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Why I Give - Lynne Stewart

As a founding member of Women With Promise (WWP), Lynne Stewart believes it is incumbent on her to give back to the community because of the many blessings she has received in life. Her west Texas roots taught her to live by the Golden Rule. Now, a savvy business owner of staffing agency SUPERIORHIRE with her partner in life and in business, Cliff Stewart, she thrives on making a difference in people’s lives, whether that be a person’s career or a woman emerging from crisis.

Today she serves on the WWP Board of Directors. When asked why she gives, Lynne paints a picture of what it means for women emerging from a crisis to find renewed hope for what is possible. To give you an idea of what makes Lynne tick, here are more highlights on why she gives:

Why WWP? What makes this organization so special for you?

There are a lot of organizations who support women in crisis. What makes WWP so special is our efforts to provide support, college scholarships and professional mentorship to help north Texas women emerging from those challenging circumstances. Our fundraising events like our Happiness Hours, luncheons, galas, and parties, provides funds we use to help Dallas and Collin county women to improve their lives once the crisis is behind them.

And we have a lot of fun while we do it. The organization has grown substantially since we began in 2013, and I love seeing new women join the WWP caring community of professional women who network with purpose. As we’ve grown, what hasn’t changed is our common bond to make a difference for women impacted by significant challenges in life through no fault of their own.

As a founding member, what helped you shape the WWP mission? To see a young mother who has been abused or sex trafficked or born into poverty and wants to pull herself out of that situation but doesn’t have many options – that is what makes our work through WWP so important. I am honored to be part of this amazing organization that helps these women make a better life for themselves and their families.

Why is giving back to the community, and in particular women coming out of a crisis, so important to you? In my eight years on the WWP Board of Directors and countless volunteer hours, I find what I receive in turn is always far, far greater than what I’ve given.

I’m so grateful to have found this organization and this amazing community of women. It just makes my heart happy to see the evidence of what we do. Every situation is different, but we get to see the results of how we are making a change for the better in someone’s life.

At the end of the day, for me seeing how I helped change someone’s life – that is a huge blessing!

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